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"drill" - An Experimental Project

For the start of the year, we would like to bring to your attention these specially curated products by the design firm nottuo, Japan. 

"drill" - is an experimental project whereby it's idea is in repeated training/drilling so as to achieve a more precise and valuable outcome. 


Rn Stool
Rn Stool



A semi-DIY stool that you assemble and use. 

This stool (lauan plywood, basswood plywood) is part of a series of furniture made by assembling only three parts.

All parts of the Rn series are made of plywood components mechanically cut out by CNC routers and then handcrafted to precise dimensions one by one by Japanese woodworkers. Therefore, it can be assembled and disassembled as many times as needed for repeated use.

It is delivered unpainted, so you can use it as it is, or you can paint, oil, or varnish it to your liking.
If you are using it at home, you can save space by taking it apart for storage or transportation when you move or don't use it.
Originally conceived for use in restaurants, we commercialized it with drill project.

If you like DIY, you can paint it with your original color and use it in your restaurant, or use it for display in your store.


Rn Stool
Rn Stool



Rn StoolRn Stool - Joint


Rn Stool - Oil Finished


Rn StoolRn Stool - Living Room


Rn Stool - Studio


A semi-DIY bench that you assemble and use.  

The following is a two-seater bench from a series of furniture made by assembling only four parts. The chair can be assembled without using nails or screws, and is delivered unpainted, so you can use it as is or paint, oil, or varnish it to your liking.


Rn Bench
Rn Bench Shop Here



Rn BenchRn Bench


Rn Bench - Close Up


mn Series - A vessel between art and tool.

The mn series was born through the process of making things with artists. It is a series of vessels with a characteristic high base, designed by the designer and made by the artist with his own hands. The designs are simple and industrial, but because they are not made with molds for mass production, but are made one at a time with hand techniques using the potter's wheel, each piece is a little unique.


mn Series
mn Series



mn Small Bowlmn Small Bowl


mn Tea Cup


mn Plate

Easy to use size for plate dishes and pasta

The mn series platters are designed with an upright rim to prevent overflowing when using dressings and sauces. The size is just right for a variety of dishes, such as breakfast plates, grilled dishes, and pasta.


mn Plate
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mn Tea Cupmn Tea Cup Shop Here

mn Small Plate Shop Here