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From Football To Soba

It must have been about 4 years now, since Yusuke stepped into our store back in French road. A unassuming Japanese guy, soft spoken and perpetually carrying a smile on his face. From a customer turned friend, we shared common beliefs and the same appreciation for quality made products and in his case, more significantly; Soba.

Using only 100% buckwheat, Healthy Soba Iki is all about enriching lives with delicious and healthy food that is affordable at the same time.









Yusuke had founded his business in Aug 2013 and started store operation from Jun 2014 onwards. Since then, he has been working at the store relentlessly from 7.30am till almost 11.00pm, 6 days a week. One would find it hard to imagine leaving your family back in Japan, venturing into a foreign place and staying on for years.   

Yusuke's goal was clear and simple. He wants to expand Japanese Soba (food) culture and to stay connected with Singapore through his business and passion. He always find joy is being able to make his customers happy through what he does. Occasionally, he would also introduce his japanese friends who might be interested in Singapore businesses to the local network that he has built over the years.






























Due to the recent pandemic situation, we have also come to understand how badly his business was affected as the shop is located in the prime of our central business district at Rafflees Place. Despite the odds, Yusuke pressed on and continue to introduce good quality and value produce from Japan into Singapore through his store. In recent months, he has included fine wines, sake and selected dairy products to his restaurant menu.

Many may not have known this, Yusuke was a Brazilian Football League player during his prime time in the 90s. Today, he runs his business through the beliefs and experiences he has gotten as a football player. Constantly thinking of strategies to his business tackling the issues behind the differences in culture and senses of values in things.






Healthy Soba IKI is located at: 1 Raffles Place #04-47 One Raffles Place, Singapore, 048616