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Summer Things

It has been quite a number of summers since our world took on a much radical change. On top of all the changes; the tangible or the intangible, the toll on well-being and relationships is very real. From family to friends, colleagues, business partners, marriage couples and so on. Some of which drifted, while some continue to face challenges. Fortunately, there are also those that grew closer and stronger after the adversities plus some newly found relationships as well.

The strain faced would be due to various reasons for different people, household and work environment. While we get too overwhelmed with the happenings around the world and the problems at hand, we shouldn’t forget to be good to ourselves. For, when we are able to take care of ourselves, we can then take care of others.

This summer has been blazingly fast with too many tasks on our plate. However, it also felt like a great reset as we recalibrate our well-being and realign our goals and visions.

Following are some images taken while on a summer vacation with family in Okinawa, Japan. The cooling sea breeze has helped made the otherwise hot and humid season alittle more comforting. The scenes of blue and green throughout calm the soul.