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Mn Bowl
Mn Bowl
Mn Bowl
Mn Bowl
Mn Bowl
Mn Bowl


Mn Bowl

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The first item of the mn series

The mn series started with this bowl.

It was originally developed for a Japanese inn in Okayama, but after reviewing and brushing up the shape of the bowl, the current mn series was born, in order to make it more useful for daily use.

It was designed for noodle dishes such as udon and soba, but it is also useful for rice bowls and large dishes.

Diameter: approx. 180mm, Height: approx. 110mm

The above dimensions are for reference only.

This product is made on the potter's wheel, so the dimensions may vary from piece to piece.

Shigaraki white clay + Iwami red clay - Transparent glaze

Wheel thrown + Kerosene kiln firing

Made In Japan