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A Collaboration with fivefingermountain - Coffee Time!

Coffee and music have always been the elements that fill the shouten store. And through it, we have the pleasure to hold meaningful conversations with many of our customers whom gradually became friends. We have always enjoyed these stories that continue to inspire us to seek out interesting work together and to bring our community closer together.

During these uncertain times, we are finding ways to learn how different creatives can come together to help and promote one and other in a meaningful way that will help bring fresh insights and positive energy for change.

Many individuals would be sheltering in, some may live alone, some may be spending a lot more time with their folks, and some with family and kids. We would like to take this time to talk alittle about coffee and its’ culture and how life’s simple pleasures can still be re-discovered while staying home.


Morning Coffee Brew
Morning Coffee Brew



For this edition, we speak to POK from fivefingermountain about his day-to-day job, and his other passions.


ST: Please tell us alittle bit about yourself.

POK: I am really the sum of many parts. Part filmmaker, self-publisher, coffee lover, bizarre plant enthusiast and much much more. I can’t really sit still, there’s not a day that goes by without me pursuing a new idea or project.


WIP Beans Roasting
WIP - fivefingermountain Beans Roasting



ST: What are the things that bring you joy?

POK: So many. A plant sprouting a new leaf. The sound of the first crack when roasting coffee. The crackling sound on a record player. Having thick toast in an old kissaten.


fivefingermountain Coffee Beansfivefingermountain Coffee Beans


Hand Roasted In Small Batches


ST: What made you want to start fivefingermountain?

POK: Purely to publish Tokyo Cafe. I needed a good reason to go back to Tokyo regularly. And I was really surprised by the good reception I got for the cafe books, so much so that fivefingermountain sort of stands for having this leap of faith and for being fearless.


Ready For Your Enjoyment
Ready For Your Enjoyment



fivefingermountain Cafe Guides
fivefingermountain Cafe Guides Are Sold In Kinokuniya And Tsutaya, Japan



ST: What inspired you to start roasting your own coffee?

POK: On my travels throughout Tokyo and Kyoto, I met so many coffee roasters that really inspired me to start my own coffee roasting journey. Creating flavours and aromas that I like makes roasting really fun.


W Glass From HMM
W Glass From HMM    Shop Here



ST: How did you get to know Shouten?

POK: I stay quite close to where Shouten’s previous shop location - Kitchener Complex. I stumbled across them an afternoon after my regular swim. Besides apparel, they had this small corner that was dedicated to lifestyle goods. There were a copper dripper, a kettle, some really beautiful delicate coffee cups. I bought some of these items and you could say that coffee brought us together.





Ambrosial Blend

Ambrosial Blend   Shop Here

Native Blend   Shop Here


ST: What do you think best come out of this collaboration?

POK: I’ve known Kage and Kenghow for quite a while and I’m really impressed by their attention to detail. We have quite a bit of common interests, we have always wanted to do something together and I really hope that this could be the start of many collaborations.

Shouten has recently brought in a line of HMM [Human - Mechanic - Method] products that specialised in high quality and finely crafted coffee ware to accompany your choice of coffee blend from fivefingermountain for your stay home enjoyment, or send it as a gift to your loved ones!



Mugr from HMM
Mugr from HMM   Shop Here



Patio from HMM
Patio from HMM   Shop Here



W Glass And Coffee Set
W Glass And Coffee Set   Shop Here



Mugr And Coffee Set
Mugr And Coffee Set   Shop Here



Takashi Endo And Coffee Set
Takashi Endo And Coffee Set   Shop Here



Some Of The Many Coffee Brew Sessions