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Ephemeral Summer

Dec 2020

A travelogue across Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka during one of the hottest summer ever experienced.

  • LocationNagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
  • Musicre:plus - Ephemeral Summer

Shanghai & Beijing. A Fresh Experience Every Season

Feb 2018

Always a fresh experience every season.

  • LocationShanghai and Beijing, China
  • MusicTom Misch - Climbing

shouten #coffeetime

Apr 2020

Coffee and music have always been the elements that fill the shouten store. And through it, we have the pleasure to hold meaningful conversations with many of our customers whom gradually became friends. We have always enjoyed these stories that continue to inspire us to seek out interesting work together and to bring our community closer together.

  • LocationSingapore
  • MusicVarious

F. Classic PV3

Feb 2018

Previewing the development of F. Classic collection part 3.

  • LocationSingapore
  • MusicWitness - Letters to Jun(e)

F. Classic PV2

Feb 2018

Previewing the development of F. Classic collection part 2.

  • LocationSingapore
  • MusicJazzinuff - Sometimes

F. Classic PV1

Feb 2018

Fundamental, Forever or Future; the F. CLASSIC collection will showcase all the principles that we believe in and is here to stay. Coming Soon.

  • LocationOkinawa, Japan
  • MusicTsunenori - View Of The Ocean

While In Shanghai

Oct 2017

Last year we took a trip up to Shanghai, where we spent a good time participating in its fashion week, meeting new people, cafes / bars hopping, sightseeing and exploring local culture. This is a collection of clips put together during our adventure through this fascinating city.

  • LocationShanghai, China
  • MusicWitness - Hope Springs Eternal [Nujabes Tribute]

The Made In Japan Factor

Oct 2015

The craftsmanship, human attachment and relationship behind a made in japan product.

  • LocationTokyo, Saitama and Okayama, Japan
  • MusicUtama Hiroto - One Day

The Far Out

Sep 2017

From the small steps taken back in 2013 and till today, 4 years after. biro have since journeyed to some of the most important fashion capitals in the world. Building relationships with factories, craftsmen, buyers, distributors, agencies, various creative houses and individuals, introducing to them its original designs and story behind the brand.

  • LocationNew York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai
  • MusicBrand New Day - Zorn

Achromatic Collection - BTS

Jan 2016

A short film showing the behind the scene of our show in NYC during snow storm Jonas. Definitely grew out of it stronger.

  • LocationNew York, USA
  • MusicKenichiro Nishihara

biro Appreciation Campaign

Jun 2016

The idea of appreciation. Be it a cup of coffee, an architecture, nature, love ones, music or a piece of garment; tangible or intangible. We hope to convey a message of more than merely liking or using something but to have a more conscious thought for it.

  • LocationTokyo, Okayama and New York
  • MusicKenichiro Nishihara

biro FW16 Shoot Day

Jan 2016

A memorable day preparing for show with world class professionals despite the terrible weather.

  • Location New York, USA
  • MusicPerkys Calling - DJ Esco

Crew In Tokyo

Apr 2017

Short clips during work for Dear Guest Showroom in Tokyo.

  • LocationTokyo, Japan
  • MusicKenichiro Nishihara

Landon Metz

Jan 2016

Participating in our first oversea's tradeshow - Liberty. Excited to be showing biro FW16 collection.

  • LocationNew York, USA
  • MusicNujabes

First Night Out With Ryan

Jan 2016

Kind Ryan showing us around East Village. Bar hopping.

  • LocationNew York, USA
  • Music-

Tokyo Nights

Mar 2017

After a long day with work, spent the night delving into the beautiful night of Tokyo.

  • LocationTokyo, Japan
  • MusicKenichiro Nishihara

Weather Overtone, Yokohama

Mar 2017

Cruising by Yokohama, enjoying its charm.

  • LocationYokohama, Japan
  • MusicKenichiro Nishihara