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Change, The Only Constant

It’s already the second month into the new year. We apologise for falling short on recent updates, especially ongoings with the store since we closed it in late March 2023. Our last stop at Great World, Singapore was a brief eight months, but with many interesting small events and forming of new relationships.

We have thought to take a break from physical retail until better opportunities within the landscape arises. Since then, we have also started to drop some of the brands and to pay more attention to our own and a selected few such as Syunbougama, Isamu Noguchi, etc. Without the operations, we focus on maintaining the store online and looking deeper at brand developments and to working with external retailers as well.  


biro Samsui Shirt


Original Illustrations of Samsui Women


Rough Out Slip-On Checkered






Isamu Noguchi


While balancing these, we also formed a humble boutique agency / studio to extend the valuable experiences and skillsets beyond our own works to a group of discerning clientele that may be seeking an alternative; something different for their brands / campaigns. More of what we do can be found here. 

Experiential Setup


Floral Arrangement


Ambassador Uniform


Ambassador Jacket


One of projects that is close to heart for us would be the one working with the global brand house from Beam Suntory NYC to develop a new brand identity & communication territory for Suntory Whisky - Kakubin.   

10 years ago, we held our first Biro showcase in Raffles Hotel, supported by Suntory Kakubin. 10 years on, we lent our creative vision to the well-loved Japanese whisky brand which celebrated its 100th year of brilliance & spirit of ‘kodawari’. Click here to read more on that particular project.


Key Visual Global


Key Visual - Lifestyle


Ambassador Jacket


Experiential Conceptualisation


Experiential Design


Collaterals & Video