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F.CLASSIC Artisan T - The Achromatic Scheme

Made to have a sleek, sharp and precise aesthetic; the F. CLASSIC Artisan has released a black edition. Within our cognitive thoughts, this achromatic scheme has always been a basic; a foundation. Safe and unwavering in the sea of almost-spoilt and too good to be true choices. With a little touch of detail to the overall design, it remains simple yet effortlessly chic.



Almost the classic crew-neck black t-shirt, except with stitches running across to give it a more than basic look. Made from Tsuriami (Loopwheel) fabric and constructed with traditional machineries, this t-shirt feels soft on the skin, is breathable and would withstand multiples wash and wear without going out of shape.








The F. Classic Artisan T Black is a pre-order item, order before 12th Jun to receive by 10th July. Pre-order pieces are at 10% discount off retail price. Thank you for the support as this ensures that we are able to devote optimal time and resources into the actual production of a high-quality and environmentally friendly product. Producing on demand is also aligned with our sustainability effort and our vision to reduce wastage. Shop Here 


2013, fall. It was around that time when we launched biro first collection. Titled “Undefined Yearnings”, amongst the line was a plain white t-shirt made of the famous loop-wheeled fabric, otherwise known as - Tsuriami in Japan. From a far, it is a white t-shirt, but up-close, it is a patched t-shirt with white on white stitches.



Championing in the choice of premium fabric is one of our most unique selling point. And Tsuriami has some very deep heritages and values that coincides with our brand beliefs very much. It was after 6 years, that we have then work on this fabric again as seen here 

In the face of pandemic, many of the factories and fabric supplier that we have been working with were badly affected but we continued to take the less travelled road. We went on to hunt for factories that possesses the know-how for a Tsuriami garment and able to deliver the impeccable standards we have always seek for.



Another year plus long from conceptualisation to design and to fit. We again, have spent too much time on the research and development simply, just to bring you the best from us.

F. Classic - Fundamental, Forever and Future. For those whom have been with us from the beginning and experienced the transition, thank you. For those that has known biro only in the recent years, we are constantly pushing for new frontiers with our elevated brand philosophy. We are not merely a brand. We are a friend, a partner that will continue to grow in each others company.


Back-to-basics through the starting foundation of biro at a supremely high level of quality craftsmanship. This is origin. .

The eternal theme that transcends time, like a texture, aesthetic is everlasting.

Established now and relevant in the future delivering sustainability in its true form.











biro F. CLASSIC Artisan T (2022) is the re-mastering of the 2013 piece that we have been eager to share with everyone. We have previously exhibited it during July 2021 at the Milan Design Week for its - Mindful Consumption theme and this coming July at Asian Civilisation Museum for the SGFASHIONNOW initiative. 




As highlighted before, Tsuriami 吊り編み – is a type of loopwheel knitting machine originally developed in Italy, then perfected in Japan during the early 20 century. Each machine runs on 1000 needles that are painstakingly hand-set and consistently checked through by skilled workers. 

The fabric used by the factory hang knitting machines has a unique texture and is more than twice as strong as the latest machine-made fabrics. Furthermore, the hand-operated sewing process produces three-dimensional T-shirts that conform to the body in a way that is different from those of a flat machine sewing.



We were particularly inspired by how this Tokyo based factory’s understanding of fabric characteristics, such as yarn thickness, appropriate machine count, effect with fabric width, fabric stretch and needle holes, is at a level that allows them to be trusted as a cut and sewn specialist.



“This is simplicity at its finest. The material, craftsmanship, human attachment and story. Not trying to make a perfect T-shirt, but the F. CLASSIC shirt embodies the spirit and values of our brand.” - biro





The F. Classic Artisan T is now available online. Shop Here