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First Snow. Keeping Warm & Stylish.

The weather has cooled down recently. And for some countries, the first snowfall has also been ushered in.

And shoten seemingly fits the right theme for this time of the year. Apart from sunny Singapore, China and Japan are the markets that are season sensitive and where we have to pay particular attention to when designing for their weather. For the next coming months, lets look at how to wear, keep warm and be stylish in winter? Let's see how to go about it from the single products and collections that we have selected :)



In winter, if you are looking for a fabric that has a distinctive style and warmth, it must be corduroy.

Since there is denim on denim, why don't we give a try to corduroy on corduroy? Sure enough, such combinations could bring on double of that style factor required, corduroy jacket + corduroy wide-leg pants, both with patchworks, no gender restrictions in design and cut, men and women bring on their own unique styles.



The corduroy fabric is durable and doesn’t get dirty easily. It remains fresh during the journey or after a long day. The unique feature of the corduroy set is that it is made of two different corduroy fabrics in collage, with subtle differences other than the color to show it's details.




The most exciting part of the pants is the straight cut, cuffed length design that allows both maturity and casualness. Who wouldn't want to live more comfortably as they age? The four front and back pockets together with the color blocks make the pants functional, comfortable, easy to wear and unique in style. There are two colorways for two different set feelings.


Corduroy Patched Pants
Corduroy Patched Pants Shop Here



As much as we love the ageing in denim fabric, corduroy has the same characteristic, it will add an old and retro texture it has been worn for some time.


Corduroy Patched JacketCorduroy Patched Jacket Shop Here

Corduroy Patched Jacket


SHOTEN is led by Singaporean designers Kage Chong and Kenghow living in Japan and Singapore respectively. The cross-cultural background of the designers and partners from Japan, Singapore and China makes SHOTEN a three-dimensional lifestyle fashion label.

In the era of rapid change, regaining the long forgotten popular culture, making it the basis of aesthetics and visuals, reinterpreting modern clothing with expressions that encourage craftsmanship and the appreciation of details.




SHOTEN reimagined long coat, the large lapel and the two-tone color-blocking traditional Garbadine fabric establish the sense for the design. The knee length long coat is chic, elegant and comes with a detachable waistband that also double-sided with different color patch and can be matched however you like.





After wearing it for some time, the most exciting part of this coat is the curved lines presented at the opening. It is very sensational from various angles. The long coat is also enough to deal with the breeze and drizzle in any city you might be in. Style it with a sweater and a hat, not only does it make the shape more visible, but it help deal with the rain. So, why bother to bring an umbrella with you?


Color Block Long CoatColor Block Long Coat Shop Here

Color Block Long Coat


Tailoring keeps the body visually slender. Each angle has a different point of view, sets of beautiful lines, or surprises from the color matching. Dancing with the hem and belt. You can always rely on the unique charm of the long coat.



Finally, in the warmer winter, there are indispensable items that are full of styles for single wear or layer wear: the hoody has a street taste, but not losing the “Understated Elegance" (Japanese Katakana on the back) essence.



Katakana Reflective HoodyKatakana Reflective Hoody Shop Here

Katakana Reflective Hoody


Lastly, different latitudes and locations have different winter conditions. Where is your city? Welcome to share.