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In the past, we used to flip through Japanese magazines religiously, particularly the street snaps section to check out the fashion inspirations by the stylish everyday-Japanese on the street. With the current Covid situation, fashion in Japan has taken a drastic hit, as with all aspects of their daily lives.



Our work and network have always revolved heavily around Japan, especially Tokyo. It is not an understatement to say that a large part of our visual influence comes from this city. Sadly, with an unusual 2020, a lot has halted.

Coming into 2021, we are reliving those precious lost moments in 2020 with our latest SS2021 drop for SHOTEN. With a nod to nostalgia, we invite you to join us in wandering through the familiar streets of Tokyo through our latest series of campaign imagery - A Retrospective Storyboard.



SHOTEN is a fashion and lifestyle label that stems from a multi-cultured background. Nostalgia forms the inspiration for the brand as well as this campaign, and it is seen through new lenses to provide a fresh perspective - the end visuals are reinterpreted into fashion apparels to engage and empower the wearer. 

Shibuya - Clear As Spring

There is an abundance of trendy shops in Shibuya. Given the rising prevalence of online shopping, would shopping like how we know it become a thing of the past?
































Corduroy Patched Pants (Green)  Shop Here














Meguro - Overcast

Nostalgia is not about reviving the past but a commemoration of having personally lived through the experience with your heart.
Trends and lifestyles are rapidly vanquishing with time, like the record that we once cherished.






Color Block Long Coat (Green Olive)  Shop Here





















Corduroy Patched Jacket (Green)  Shop Here







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Yoyogi - Clear As Spring

We ought to look forward to what the future holds. But we should also never forget to look into the past. The poetic tension between the two evokes rich artistic inspiration. To us, Tokyo sits comfortably at the juncture of past meets future; a city that is bursting with limitless possibilities, riding on memories of the present past.
















Color Block Long Coat (Black Navy)  Shop Here







Corduroy Patched Pants (Black)  Shop Here







Katakana Reflective Hoodie  Shop Here







Corduroy Patched Jacket (Black)  Shop Here






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A piece of music, film, photography, place, experience, mood, an era, even the weather could evoke a feeling and make us crave a moment in the past. Nostalgia - the notion of longing, is an essential human emotion that can empower an individual through invoking positive correlations of connection, optimism, confidence and happiness. Past experiences can help deliver greater meaning for the present, a connection between where you have been and where you are today. 




Nostalgia is the starting point of SHOTEN. Japan, Singapore, China, South East Asia - the cross-cultural influence experienced by the designers makes the brand a multi-dimensional lifestyle and fashion brand. In an era of rapid change, we seek to reignite the glory of the old pop culture and letting it form the basis of the collection’s aesthetics and visuals; modern clothing are reinterpreted with expressions that draw attention to finer details and craftsmanship.






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