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The Far Out - Perfect Harmony

The natural indigo dyed kasuri shirt comes with fine selvedge detailing within the plackets and gussets, along with contrasting black square out buttons from YKK Japan. Redline indigo selvedge chambray from the most well known mills based in Okayama prefecture Japan. The look, casual grunge with deliberate frayed ends finishes off with a traditonally woven kasuri, hand-stitched onto the body.

Kasuri Patchwork
Kasuri Patchwork - SHOP NOW

Underneath is a vintage orange pullover using dual fleece fabric for a autumn getaway mood. The material is made from air float fleece that allows maximum comfort level, keeping you just warm/cool enough in different climate.

Vintage Trainer
Vintage Trainer - SHOP NOW

A drawstring denim to match, cut for both style and versatility. Cropped for a elongated silhouette and comes with selvedge contrasting canvas patchwork finishes that stands as an art of its own.

Drawstring Denim
Drawstring Denim - SHOP NOW

Autumn Colors

 A simple black tee blended from Sea Island cotton and Pima cotton that is special, soft, lightweight and smooth. Except, with the mastery of craftsmen behind the machineries, the formed patchworks of fabric are precise, refine and elegant.

Over the top is the destroyer over-shirt that, with its streaky textured fabric, usage of metal buttons and diamond-shaped pattern stitches. It’s meant for any man to rough out the tough. Run off chainstitches and selvedge red lines at gussets not only adding character to its entire outfit but emphasize detailing and quality workmanship as well.

Diamonte Stitching Details
Diamonte Stitching Details
Destroyed Finish, YKK Japan Buttons
Destroyed Finish, YKK Japan Buttons - SHOP NOW

At the bottom, a pair of 10.5oz light weight selvedge denim in a wider cut that alllows you to enjoy the beauty of raw denim in any weather. Clean and simple it may look, our denim are made with 100% Okayama selvedge cotton denim, chainstitched, 5 YKK JP vintage Buttons fly, and hand branded Horween waxed flesh leather patch.

Classic Black
Selvedge Details
Selvedge Details - SHOP NOW

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