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What Have We Learnt Out Of It?

Today marks the day where our society opens up again and bringing our community back to a time where we were more familiar with. Before it all happened, most of us may not know what to expect and how to pass our 3 months in solidarity with the uncertainties. 

During the course, most of us adapt and learn to work through things in a different approach. Our way of engaging with one another took a change; tele-commuting for work purposes via various app became the norm. While being confined within the walls of our home, we try to make the space as conducive as possible to carry out activities for both recreational and work. More webinars surfaced and we attend digital seminars more than ever before. Some businesses have also switch to being home offices permanently. For some individuals, they would have picked up a new skill in gardening, cooking, baking, knitting, etc.

As we watch the world evolves, there were more and more mentions about a new-normal, and that we do not expect things to go back to the way they used to be. 

If this pandemic was suppose to be a lesson for us all, have we made out of it differently? Has it affect each of us meaningfully to make us continue to strive to be better? Has our way of thoughts and lives changed dramatically? Or are we just the same being from the same pre-covid era?

From a fashion, lifestyle, retail business stand-point, and during such quiet times, we appreciate the luxury or time and space that is available for us to take a step back to re-evaluate, re-think and re-invent ourselves to bring new alternatives and values that we care about to our consumers and friends. 

As always, all kinds of experiences would contribute to the relentless and creative mind. It was a surreal experience to be taking a walk on the unusually quiet streets of Singapore some weeks back, bearing in mend that this could well be a once in a lifetime experience.